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Aggression Against Yemen
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Report: Civilian injured in 28 Saudi-led airstrikes on Yemen over 24 hours : Publishing Date: 6/30/2018
SANAA, June 30 (Saba) – A civilian was injured and a water digger was destroyed when the Us-backed Saudi-led coalition aggression warplanes launched 28 strikes and the apache waged 15 missile on several areas of Yemen provinces during the past 24 hours, according to reports combined by Saba News Agency on Saturday In Saada province, a civilian was seriously injured and a water digger was destroyed in five airstrikes on Farwa and Mahather areas of Sehar district. Also in Saada, the warplanes launched a strike on a main road in Haidan district, two airstrikes on Hasama area of Dhaher district, five airstrikes hit Qad and Azhur areas of Razih district.

Furthermore, the fighter jets waged an air raid along Saada city, six airstrikes on Kutaf district, an airstrike on a civilian’s car in Farwa area of Sehar district, and an air raid was waged on Baqem district.
Meanwhile, missile and artillery shells were fired toward residential areas of Boqem, Monabeh and Shada districts.

In Hodeidah province, the aggression warplanes launched a raid on a main road in Zabaid district, two airstrikes on Salif and Luhaiah districts.

In border province of Jizan, the warplanes launched a strike on Tuliq mount, and ann air raid on Jara valley.

Meanwhile, apache helicopters waged 15 missile on Qambura site.

In Lahj province, a Saudi-led aggression coalition airstrike hit Jalis mount of Qabaitah district.

Written by Sameera Hassn

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