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Aggression Against Yemen
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Congress should reject Mattis’ appeal, end U.S. support for Saudi war in Yemen : Publishing Date: 3/15/2018
By Sal Rodriguez: On Wednesday, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis wrote a letter to congressional leaders in opposition to any restriction on U.S. military support of Saudi Arabia’s brutal military intervention in Yemen. Since their 2015 intervention in the already tumultuous civil war in Yemen, the Saudis have bombed several hospitals, killed 140 people at a funeral and imposed a blockade limiting access to food and medications as food shortages and cholera ravage the country.

This has all been done with American assistance, but, as is true of many U.S. military involvements these days, without any formal congressional authorization.

Sens. Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont, Mike Lee, R-Utah, and Chris Murphy, D-Connecticut, are pushing to change that. Invoking the War Powers Resolution, the lawmakers have introduced a resolution “to remove United States Armed Forces from hostilities in or affecting the Republic of Yemen,” with an exception for activities against al Qaeda or associated forces.

Any curtailment of American involvement is apparently unacceptable to Mattis, however, who acknowledged that American actions are unauthorized but went on to regurgitate talking points about why American involvement should continue anyway.

The United States shouldn’t remain complicit in the atrocities of purported allies, nor should the U.S. military be involved in limitless, unauthorized wars just because Pentagon officials and the executive branch want to.

If American military involvement in a given country or conflict can’t even be put to a vote, it shouldn’t be happening. We shouldn’t be involved in helping the Saudis commit atrocities in Yemen. We should be pushing for peace and nothing else.

For updates on the situation, I recommend One easy way to get involved is to sign this petition to Congress asking them to do their job and get the U.S. out of the Saudi-led war.
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