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 Saturday, October 20, 2018

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14 aggression warplane wages on Haradh, Medi

HAJJAH, Apr 14 (Saba) - US- backed, Saudi-led aggression coalition waged on Saturday series of airstrikes on Hajjah province, a local official told Saba. The warplane waged 13 airstrike on Haradh and Medi districts. Eman SABA
Hostile warplanes intensify airstrikes on provinces of Yemen

PROVINCES, Apr 14 (Saba) - The US-backed Saudi aggression warplane intensified its airstrikes on Yemen provinces during the past 24 hours, targeting four provinces and Najran with more than 44 airstrikes left three killing and injuring one another, according to the army's military media.
Saudi warplanes launch on Taiz

TAIZ, Apr. 14 (Saba) – A child was killed and two women injured when the US-Saudi aggression warplanes launched raids in the early morning on Alhat area in Brah in Taiz province, a secretary official told Saba on Saturday. Amal saba
NCECS condemns targeting of schools by Saudi-led airstrikes

SANA'A, April 11(Saba) – The National Committee for Education, Culture and Science (NCECS) has condemned the Saudi-led coalition’s continued targeting of schools and education facilities, most recently targeting Imam Ali bin Abi Talib School in Razih district of Saada province.
29 civilians killed, injured in Saudi airstrikes in Sadaa, Taiz, Hodeidah

SANAA, April 10 (Saba) – At least 29 citizens were killed and wounded in Saudi-led coalition’s airstrikes on Saada, Taiz and Hodeidah provinces during the past 24 hours, a military official told Saba on Tuesday.
Four children, woman killed in 44 Saudi-led airstrikes on Yemen

SANAA, April 8 (Saba) –Saudi-led coalition fighter jets waged 44 raids on four Yemeni provinces over the past 24 hours, a military official told Saba on Sunday. In Hajjah province, four children and a woman were killed and another was injured in an airstrikes targeted a home in Ram area of Mostaba district. Meanwhile, 23 raids targeted Haradh and Medi districts.
5killed and injured by a raid on Taiz

TAIZ, Apr. 9 (Saba) – Four citizens wounded and one killed when the US-backed Saudi aggression warplane waged a raid on a farm in Mohoal area in Kodeer district in Taiz province, a local source told Saba on Monday.
10airstrikes launch on Sadaa

SADAA, Apr.8 (Saba) – US-backed Saudi aggression warplanes and artillery launched ten airstrikes on differences places in Sadaa over night, a source told Saba. The strikes hit Manbah, Razah, Althaher, Shdah directorates in Sadaa province.
airstrikes of coalition hit 4 Yemeni provinces 22

PROVINCES, April 7 (Saba) – Saudi-led coalition’ fighter jets 22 raids on Public and private properties in four Yemeni provinces, a military official told Saba on Saturday. In Saada province, air raid targeted Alaf valley in shar district , while two others hit Ghamr and aal- Ali areas in Razih district.
Ten aggression airstrikes hit Saada

SAADA, April 6 (Saba) – The US- backed Saudi- led aggression coalition warplanes waged on Thursday ten raids on separate areas in Saada, while Saudi artillery and missile shelling targeted Razeh and Manbah districts, a security official told Saba.
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America's duty to help stop Yemen's suffering: Congress must take a strong stand against Saudi aggre

Rabyaah Lthaibani: For three years, I have witnessed the total destruction of my ancestors’ homeland and the pain and suffering of family, friends, and millions of innocent Yemenis as my beloved America supports Saudi Arabia’s war on Yemen.
U.S. should end role in Yemen’s civil war

By LISA SCHIRCH and KEVIN MARTIN : Half a world away, our tax dollars are fueling what the United Nations is calling the worst humanitarian crisis on the planet.
Congress should reject Mattis’ appeal, end U.S. support for Saudi war in Yemen

By Sal Rodriguez: On Wednesday, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis wrote a letter to congressional leaders in opposition to any restriction on U.S. military support of Saudi Arabia’s brutal military intervention in Yemen.


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