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 Saturday, October 20, 2018

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Aggression coalition’s war jets bomb farms in Hodaida

HODAIDA, March 28 (Saba) – Fighter jets of US-backed, Saudi-led aggression coalition attacked citizens’ farms in Hodaida province overnight, a local official told Saba on Wednesday. An airstrike hit a farm in Zabid district, while two others struck a citizen’s farm in Tuhaita district, the official said. BA Saba
Nine Saudi-led airstrikes hit Hajjah

HAJJAH, Mar 27 (Saba) - Warplanes of US-backed, Saudi-led aggression coalition waged nine raids on Hajjah province overnight, an official told Saba on Tuesday. The aggression raids targeted Harat and Mide districts. Mona M Saba
Saudi-led coalition air attacks kill and wound 600,000 civilians in Yemen

SANAA, March 26 (Saba) – The Ministry of Human Rights said the continuing Saudi-led coalition air attacks on the Yemen people killed and injured over 600,000 civilians, including more than 247,000 children since March 2015, in a statement received by Saba on Monday. A total of 2,949 children and women including to 8,979 men were injuries or maimed due to of the Saudi-led coalition's direct airstrikes as well.
Saudi warplane wages four airstrikes on Saada province

SAADA, Mar 26 (Saba) – The US- backed Saudi-led aggression coalition warplane waged on Monday four airstrikes on Saada province, a security official told Saba. The enemy warplane waged two airstrikes on al- Mehram area in al- Safraa district and an airstrike on al- Jomhoriah camp in Saada city, said the official. The fighter jets targeted aal al- Saifi area with an airstrike in Sahar district. Eman SABA
Saudi jets wage three raids on Hodeidah

HODEIDAH, Mar 25 (Saba) - The Saudi war jets waged three air raids on Hodeidah province, an official told Saba on Sunday. The air raids targeted Hadrat and Medi districts. Meanwhile, artillery of the army and popular shelled a gathering of Saudi-paid mercenaries in the north of Midi desert. Mona M Saba
Saudi jets wage raids on Marib

MARIB, Mar 24 (Saba) – The Saudi fighter jets launched two air raids on Serwah district of Marib province, a security official told Saba on Saturday. The hostile warplanes targeted citizens' houses in the district , causing huge damage in it. Mona M Saba
Saudi fighter jets target school in Lahj

LAHJ, Mar 24 (Saba) - The Saudi fighter jets launched two air raids on Karsh area in Lahj province, an official told Saba on Saturday . The two raids targeted School in the area. No human casualties were reported. Mona M Saba
Saudi warplanes launches 11 raids on Hajjah

HAJJAH, Mar 24 (Saba) - The Saudi aggression fighter jets launched 11 air raids on Hajjah province overnight, an official told Saba on Saturday. The hostile jets struck Hadrat and Medi districts. Mona M
Two citizens killed in Saudi airstrike in Hodaida

HODAIDA, March 24 (Saba) - Two citizens were killed in an airstrike of Saudi-led aggression coalition warplanes in Tuhaita district of Hodaida overnight, a security official told Saba on Saturday. A hostile airstrike hit a citizen’s car on the main road in the district, which led to killing the citizen and his son. BA Saba
Saudi-led criminal airstrikes hit several provinces over Tuesday

PROVINCES, March 21 (Saba) – US-backed, Saudi-led aggression warplanes continued their criminal raids on several provinces over the past 24 hours, targeting private and public property, according to military reports compound by Saba on Wednesday. In Saada province, the hostile aircrafts waged five raids on Fara area of Kutaf district and two others on Talah areas of Sahar district
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